What is corona virus ?

Coronaviruses were first discovered in the 1960s. The earliest ones discovered were infectious bronchitis virus in chickens and two viruses from the nasal cavities of human patients with the common cold that were subsequently named human coronavirus 229E and human coronavirus OC43.

Corona virus (COVID 19) are enveloped viruses with a positive-sense single-stranded RNA-genome and a nucleocapsid of helical symmetry. The genome size of coronaviruses, ranges from approximately 27 to 34 kilobases, the largest among known RNA viruses.

The name refers to the characteristic appearance.. of virions (the infective form of the virus) by electron microscopymeaning crown now we reach the era where the world is full of greed to achieve to the greatness out of which the nature selects vast destruction of human in all way it can now it is in the face the the death to begun CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19)

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